Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Philosophy/Focus of Mes Amies Day Camp?

Our philosophy is for each camper to HAVE FUN! The counselor’s emphasis is on giving each camper individual attention.  This focus is what makes Mes Amies so special and sets it apart from other day camps. The campers love getting to know their counselors and developing a close friendship and bond with them during their days at camp.

What is the Swimming Program like?

Swimming is one of the campers’ favorite parts of camp!  A certified lifeguard oversees the pool operations.  The in-ground pool is 4 feet deep throughout, allowing the counselors to stand up.  This gives the campers a better sense of security when they swim because their counselor doesn’t have to tread water to assist them.  The counselors are in the water with the campers and do not push them to attempt anything they are uncomfortable or fearful of doing.   We take things slowly, using play and free time to strengthen skills and gain confidence in swimming.

What is the Cooking Program like?

In Cooking our goal is to choose recipes that can be completed by the camper herself.  Campers get to measure, chop, mix, sprinkle, toss etc.; it is a very hands-on program.  We want campers to be exposed to different parts of a meal.  We emphasize safety and the proper use of different ingredients and utensils.  We talk a lot about cooking breakfast, brunch, snacks, lunch, appetizers, main course items, as well as desserts!  A small taste is sent home each day.  A cookbook with all the recipes used during each session is presented to each camper on the last day of camp.

What are the Sewing Projects like?

Our goal is to expose campers to the basics in Hand-Sewing and lead campers to a passionate lifetime hobby. We begin using big needles, yarn and a plastic canvases to master the basic Needlepoint Stitch.   Another project works with smaller needles, DMC floss and felt mastering a decorative Whip Stitch.  Time permitting older campers will be introduced to Cross-Stitch.

How is our Application/Deposit handled?                                    

Applications are treated on a “first come, first served" basis.  In the event all spaces are filled when your application is received, you will be immediately notified and given the option of being put on the waiting list.  Preferences will be given to past Mes Amies campers and siblings until February 15th.  All campers will receive confirmation of their enrollment by mail after this date.  A non-refundable $100 deposit per session is required for each camper.  This deposit will be credited against the camper’s tuition account.  I will not be able to split sessions or prorate tuition for dates campers do not attend camp.  You will be billed for the balance that is due on June 1st for First Session and July 1st for Second Session.  Checks should be made out to Mes Amies Day Camp and mailed to 705 Eleonore Street, NOLA 70115. Because of space limitations and in order to preserve the quality of Mes Amies, enrollment for each session and afternoon program will be limited.

How are campers grouped?

Morning Camp is divided into 3 sections by age; then grouped with 5-6 campers per Counselor.  There are Head Counselors in each activity.   If your child has a best buddy she would like to have in her group please make a request and I will try to make that happen.  Afternoon Camp is divided into 2 groups; all ages.  The groups attend 2 afternoons of Cooking, and 2 afternoons of Sewing (No Afternoon Program on Fridays).

Is After-Care available?

After-care is available on Friday afternoons and after regular camp hours until 5:30 p.m.  Parents may sign up for this service and will be charged an additional fee ($6/hr).  Before-care is also available upon request: from 8:00 a.m. ($75 per Session).

Is there an Event at the end of camp?

Yes, the celebration is for the campers only.   It is held on the last Friday of each session.  Awards will be given out by the counselors identifying the quality they feel best describes each one of their campers in their group.  Campers will perform group songs they make up with their counselors describing their days at Mes Amies and what they like most about their days at camp.